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Cascading style sheet (css)


'Cascading' means that styles can fall (or cascade) from one style sheet to another, enabling multiple style sheets to be used on one HTML document.

Even the simplest HTML document may have three or more style sheets associated with it including:

  • The browser's style sheet
  • The user's style sheet
  • The author's style sheet



Cascading style sheets (css):

Cascading style sheets cascade.

This means that styles are applied in order as they are read by the browser.

The first style is applied and then the second and etc.

What this means is that if a style appears at the top of a style sheet and then is changed lower down in the document, the second instance of that style will be the one applied, not the first.



For information on conflicting styles, see here.

Created on: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 by Andrew Sin