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Css: Box model and box properties


Css uses a simple formatting model that is box-oriented (box model concept).

Every element generates a rectangular box called element box.

All boxes contain a content area at the center, which may be surrounded by optional padding, border and margin areas.

The width of a box is the sum of the element, padding, border, and margin widths.



There are 5 spacing properties:

  1. width
  2. height
  3. margin
  4. border
  5. padding


Each element or box will influence every other box in the document.

Eg: if the first element is two inches tall, the element to follow it will be two inches from the top of the document.

Eg2: If the first element shrinks to one inch, the following element will then be one inch from the top of the document



Box properties (spacing properties):

Box properties control the presentation of generated boxes for document elements, including dimensions, margins, padding, and borders.



Containing block:

A containing block is the box in which an element's box is contained.

One box contains another, and everything must be in its place, similar to a nested table or nested frames.



For more information on box model, see here.

Created on: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by Andrew Sin