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a tag (anchor tag)


The anchor <a> tag is used to create hyperlinks and bookmarks.

Web page or site:

<a href="/folder/page">


Open to a new browser page:

<a href="/folder/page" target="_blank">



Local page:

<a href="pagename.html">


Local page in a folder level below:

<a href="foldername/pagename.html">


Local page in a folder level above:

<a href="../pagename.html">



Open email program with email address:

<a href="">



Bookmarked section:

<a href="#bookmarkname">



<!-- link to bookmark -->
<a href="#moreinfo">Click here for more info</a>

<!-- this is the bookmark -->
<a name="moreinfo">More Info</a>


Bookmarked section in another page:

<a href="pagelocation.htm#bookmarkname">



To stop an anchor link from a page reload in


<a href="#" onclick="return false;">link</a>

Created on: Friday, September 30, 2011 by Andrew Sin