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Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts

Visual Studio 2010


Alt + Shift + arrow keys   Allows you to make a block selection.

Ctrl + tab
Switches open windows forward. Ctrl + Shift + tab Switches open windows backwards. Ctrl + Space visual Studio gives the possible completions. Ctrl + ] For matching braces and parentheses. Ctrl + Shift + ] Selects code between matching parentheses. Ctrl + M To expand/collapse the current code block. Ctrl + / Will take the cursor to the small search box on top. You can type ">of filename" to open a file. Very useful if your project contains multiple files.


Ctrl + I Incremental search. It is a find dialog box, but without the dialog box. Just start typing what you want to search for (look at the bottom status bar location to see what you've typed). Pressing Ctrl + I again or F3 searches for the next instance. Press Escape to quit. Starting a new search by pressing Ctrl + I twice repeats the last search. Ctrl + Shift + V paste / cycle through the clipboard ring Shift + Alt + Enter Gets the code window in focus in full screen mode. Hit it again, and you have all the panels back. F12 Go to function ctrl + comma Navigate to ctrl + minus Navigate backwards ctrl + shift + minus Navigate forwards ctrl + k, ctrl + t View call hierarchy





F5                      Start debugging

ctrl + F11              Step into

ctrl + F10              Step over

shift + F11             Step out

ctrl + F10              Run to cursor

ctrl + shift + F9 or Menu: Debug -> Delete All Breakpoints




Other useful shortcuts:

To close all files but one:

right click the tab of the file you want to leave open then click 'Close All But This'

To close a file:

ctrl + F4:


To add comment:

ctrl k, then ctr c (chord is a combination of keyboards)

To uncomment:

ctrl k, then ctr u


To switch to zoom:

ctrl + middle mouse button




Recovering deleted file(s) in visual studio:

Files are permanently delete in Visual Studio.  However, you can recover them in your Recyle Bin.




For more information, see here.

Created on: Friday, April 1, 2011 by Andrew Sin