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Visual studio: Navigate to: Searching for files, types, variables and members

Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 supports 'Navigate To' which allows you to quickly search for files, types, variables and members within your solution – and then open and navigate to them.

To open 'Navigate To' using menu:

Edit > Navigate To...

Keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl + comma


The 'Navigate To' dialog provides fast incremental search user interface, where results are displayed immediately as an input is added.  The 'Navigate To' dialog allows you to quickly filter and locate code with a minimum of keystrokes.




'Navigate To' window lists all types of results that match your search term including file names, type names, method/property names, field declarations.

Selecting a result and clicking ok will open up the relevant source file within the solution (and highlight the relevant name within it if applicable to the search).

Note: you can add multiple words to the search textbox to further filter the result.  The white space between characters will be treated as an 'and' relationship.

Note2: If the search string contains uppercase characters, the search is case-sensitive, otherwise not.

Note3: The search does not support wildcard.

Created on: Friday, May 4, 2012 by Andrew Sin